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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Tips Change Default Password of Router

The users need the home broadband routers to access the internet and it let them to create wireless network to their premises. The routers have the common and default IP address, The IP address range may differ but the above mentioned address will be set up the modem companies while manufacturing them. The vendor management tools let the users to change the default IP if they desire. The users can easily connect to the set up page using their web browsers. They need to type to access the router. The default login ID and password is Admin and it can be changed to secure the network.

The Linksys is the most popular home network router and the users who wish to change the password for this router need to follow the upcoming tips.

  • At first, the users should ensure that all required cables should be connected. It can be checked using the computer’s default browser, Internet Explorer.
  • Now, the users need to enter the default IP address to the browser and need to press the enter button.
  • A prompt will be opened. It will ask the users to enter the username and password to access the router. Now, the users should provide the default credentials to access the router page.
  • The users can now see the Setup page for the Router. Then they should click on the tab named Administration. It will open a specific page, where the users can find the option to change the Username and Password for Linksys router.
  • Finally, the users should click on the Save Changes button. The changed password should be given next time in order to access the webpage.

The password should be easy to remember but it must contain alphanumeric characters and special symbols. It will help the users to safeguard their network from any kind of threat and the home network would be safe. Similarly, it is good to change the router’s password often.

Information of Proxy Server

A proxy server acts as a screen between the PC and the internet. If someone who doesn’t use a proxy server visits a website, the website will log that PC as the visitor. The difference when using a proxy server is simple. It will see the proxy server as the visitor to the website, not the PC itself. This is beneficial for a multitude of reasons and that’s why there’s really no reason not to use a cheap proxy online.

The shared SOCKS for sale online can work just as well as a cheap proxy online, depending on your needs. One of the most common reasons why companies use proxy servers is to monitor and control what their employees access online. With a proxy server, companies can ban their employees from visiting social media networks, adult websites or any other website that is deemed as being unproductive and a waste of time. When employees are no longer able to visit these time wasting websites, they tend to get a lot more work done, boosting the company’s productivity.

Moreover, these shared SOCKS for sale or any cheap proxy online can tell you exactly what websites employees are accessing and how much time they spend on websites. With information like this, a company can easily see which employees are wasting time and which aren’t. This is useful during disputes about work productivity as it provides concrete proof that employees might be slacking off. It also gives employees the incentive to finish their work fast and without taking too many breaks browsing the internet. It’s best to make sure that employees know their usage is being monitored, as this will stop them from wasting time in the first place. If they’re unaware of the monitoring, they’ll most likely continue their normal browsing habits until they are confronted, which is more time consuming and less effective.

Companies also use proxy servers since it helps them to save costs on bandwidth. Proxy servers compress all traffic, therefore reducing the amount of bandwidth necessary. Since many employees tend to visit the same websites, the proxy saves these cache files and uses them when someone else wants to access a specific website. Having cached files save a lot of bandwidth, especially in large companies. Instead of paying for 100 employees to all access the same website, one employee visiting the website will be enough to get a cache stored, making each subsequent visit require less loading and less bandwidth.

Online Resources

Getting started can be difficult and challenging so it helps to buy traffic online from a reputable web vendor that is able to guarantee successful results. The purpose of this function is to have ‘targeted’ users clicking on your site because they are looking for what you have so both parties are happy with the outcome. This can be a more cost efficient marketing technique than using other options that are not designed for your specific industry.

Business owners can work with the vendor to determine the number of clicks needed, the geographical area of the audience (which can be multiple locations) and the category. By narrowing down the options you are in essence asking for users that are close to the center bulls-eye of your target and this method gets you where you need to be in generating interest and ranking. The first step is performing an online search for websites that allow you to buy traffic and then researching reviews and comments posted about their services. This ensures that you can weed out the frauds from the reputable sites and only work with the best who can deliver on results for the price that you are paying. This function is generally affordable and works within a variety of budgets so even if you are a small business that is just starting out, this is still a viable option.

The website for your business is your income and cash flow so you need to give it the best chance to be successful by using tools and resources offered by those who know and understand the front and back end of an online company. It helps when you can speak to a representative or check out the website and see exactly how this operates and benefits your company as a whole. Investing your budget should be done carefully and with good reason to make sure that every penny is used to promote your company and increase profit.

Common sense dictates that when you need help with something that you go to the expert for advice and resolution. Using an online resource makes perfect sense when the problem you are facing is on the website because they are in the right position to provide a viable and applicable solution to the problem. Buy traffic online and take advantage of what you can find through the Internet and start making your business the target of someone’s search for the best product and service

Information of Fiber Media Converter

Fiber Media converters enable you to connect different types of media, such as twisted pair, fiber, and coax, within a network. The most common use for media converters is to insert fiber segments into copper networks. This enables you the ability extend your Ethernet network beyond the 100-meter limit imposed by copper cable.

With one of the largest selections of commercial and industrial media converters in the industry, you’ll find the right one for your application. For enterprise-wide systems, choose from chassis-based converters. To connect VoIP phones or take fiber to the desktop, select mini converters that tuck behind your PC. To power distant wireless access points and security cameras, choose PoE Switeches. You can even add 10-Gig extension with media converters.

Network operators indicate that capacity is doubling in their networks every six months. According toIDC, worldwide broadband traffic for both wireline and mobile activity could reach 116,539 petabytes per month by 2015. This continued need for bandwidth is being driven both by more people accessing video via PCs and TVs and also by their increasing use of mobile smart devices to access information anywhere at any time. People around the world now leverage networks as a daily part of how they communicate and share information during both their work and personal lives.

To bolster and speed up network infrastructures, network operators began volume implementations of 100G optical equipment in 2012. 100G took off much more quickly than 40G, as all network players bought into to the overarching need for 100G and developed a healthy supply chain with a variety of competing building blocks.

Many experts believe 100G will play a central role in transmission much the way 10G did in the past. 100G creates a new baseline for network performance by using bandwidth in an efficient way; it aligns with 100GbE standards, and today’s 100G technology is expected to serve as the foundation for higher transmission line rates in the future. Implementation of 100G started as line cards much like 10G did in its day, and the packaging will quickly become smaller due to new developments in photonic components that drive down costs and power requirements.